Who Owns Boost Mobile

Who Owns Boost Mobile?

Who Owns Boost Mobile?

If Sprint and T-Mobile merge, Boost Mobile’s founder Peter Adderton might buy it back. He believes the merged company will offer him a good wholesale deal and give him a chance to compete with MetroPCS and the combined Sprint-T-Mobile. Sprint and T-Mobile both have strong reputations for their customer service, but the two companies are not yet merged. However, Boost Mobile uses Sprint’s network and spectrum to provide service to prepaid customers.


Dish Network is another competitor of T-Mobile. Both companies have similar plans. Dish, the parent company of Boost, has plans to snatch Boost Mobile’s customers. Those customers will be left without service until 2022. However, the process will take several years to finish. It will take several years before T-Mobile and Dish merge. Therefore, Dish’s reliance on T-Mobile’s CDMA network may be a temporary measure.

While Boost Mobile is headquartered in Australia, it provides wireless service throughout the United States. It is not available in Europe or Asia, but its selection of phones is solid. It offers all the latest iPhone models and the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, as well as a cheaper Android-based phone. And if you’re looking for a phone without breaking the bank, Boost’s $35/month plan may be right for you.

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In fact, Boost Mobile has been owned by T-Mobile since before Sprint’s acquisition. However, T-Mobile will no longer be the owner of Boost until July 2020. The company will sell the cell phone company to Dish Network in an attempt to become a major cellular network. The company plans to shut down Sprint’s CDMA network as soon as 2022. This could mean trouble for Boost customers who want to use the Sprint network.

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