Understand Fractions Easily

How Can We Understand Fractions Easily?

In Mathematics we widely utilize fractions and we find difficulty in adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. The other thing is a student can’t understand the types of fractions, proper improper, and mixed fractions. Students can distinguish what is the proper and the improper fraction and what is the mixed fraction. Actually, they are not able to distinguish why we are using fractions and decimal numbers. The basic thing here is that the fraction is a part of the whole, and we are dividing the whole number by the fraction. Develop the basic concepts of the fraction and then proceed in solving the fractional questions. Fractions are extensively used in mathematics. If you are not able to learn the basic concept so the fraction then it becomes certainly difficult to solve the fractions

The Parts of Fraction:

There are two parts to a fraction, the numerator and the denominator. For example in fraction ⅘, the number 4 is the numerator and 5 is the denominator. The upper portion of the fraction is the numerator and the lower or the dividing portion is the denominator. When you are entering the fraction in the fraction calculator, you normally enter the numerator first and the denominator second. The fractions calculator makes it possible to understand and solve the fraction perfectly.

Types of the fraction:

There are three types of the fraction:

  1. The proper fraction
  2. The improper fraction
  3. The mixed fraction

The Proper Fraction:

The proper fraction is the fraction that has numerator values smaller than the denominator like ⅘, 3/7, 3/9,6/7, ⅔, etc. You can spot in all the examples the numerator is smaller than the denominator.

The Improper Fraction:

The improper fraction is the fraction that has denominator values larger than the numerator like 7/5,9/11,12/13,23/27,55/22 etc. You can spot in all the examples the denominator is larger than the numerator.

Mixed Fraction:

Mixed fractions are fractions that have fractional parts and whole numbers. Examples of mixed fractions are 5(3/7), 4(⅔), 7(5/7), 4(3/2), 3(⅖), etc. Mixed fraction multiplication and division are not easy and we can use the fraction calculator to learn them.

Use the Online Help for Learning:

Online help can be handy in understanding fractions like the fraction calculator. Their interactive forums like calculator-online.net present extensive real-time examples to understand the fraction. When you are using online tools like fractions calculators, you learn even by using and solving the questions on the online tools. The problem of adding two types of fractions can be resolved by adding a multiple-fraction calculator. Students do find the multiplication of fractions as long as multiplication can be lengthy, but when you are using the multiple fraction calculator, you learn how to multiply two types of fractions. The division of two mixed fractions can be difficult to solve as you need to take the Least common multiple of the denominator. The dividing fractions calculator teaches you how to take the Least common multiple of the denominator to solve the fraction.

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You can learn the concept of fractions by using online help when you are doing the division and multiplication of fractions. Then it can be difficult but when you are able to learn the whole concept of the Least common multiple. Then you are easily able to solve the fractions, and the fraction calculator can be a handy tool in teaching the concepts of LCM and HCF to the students.

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