Top Common Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced

The essence of marriage has changed over the past few years. The shift in cultures, behavioral patterns, and attitudes has altered fundamental beliefs and has transformed them into various different terminologies.

Although the changes could have been an incredible revolution for marriages, it is saddening to know that these behavioral and attitude shifts have boosted the divorce rate significantly. Each year, divorce statistics keep increasing.

It is, indisputably, quite astonishing to see that a lifetime commitment is no longer a source of peace and happiness for many. Or is it a wrong behavioral shift that has caused the number to rise? Well, let’s find out.

We have listed the most common reasons why couples get divorced these days.

  1. Lack of Affection:

According to divorce lawyers, the most common reason why couples tend to opt for divorce is a lack of affection and love. One of the partners usually has a complaint of lack of attention and time which tends to become a huge reason for parting ways. Affection and love are very essential components of running a successful marriage. And if one of the parties is feeling unloved; the marriage tends to slowly fall apart.

  1. Poor Communication:

Communication is essential for all relationships. Whether it is marriage or friendship, open and honest communication is the key to success. It not only resolves issues quickly but further enables you to express yourself to the other person openly. Communication gap leads to problems building up which tend to break down a relationship gradually.

  1. Lack of Sex:

Physical intimacy is as important as emotional intimacy. Everybody has a different love language. Some might show their love in the form of expression, while some might be more of a physically expressive individual. When one of the partners fails to fulfill their partner’s physical needs; that is when problems start to arise. Physical distance tends to build up a gap that is not easy to bridge.

  1. Cheating:

Another very common reason for divorce is adultery or cheating. Infidelity breaks one’s trust and makes it impossible to survive in marriage. Nowadays, social media has presented the wrong idea to people that they can always get something better. The urge to get a better partner tends to divert many people these days, towards cheating. It is all just a click away. In England, 15% of divorces are caused due to cheating.

  1. Abuse:

Physical and mental abuse is also growing rapidly. Divorce attorneys state that they receive endless divorce petitions due to emotional, physiological, and physical abuse. It is one of the most valid reasons to file for ending a relationship because abuse, be it in any form, is not acceptable.


It is best recommended that you must sit with your partner and discuss your issues with them in detail, before filing for divorce. You can also opt for couple therapy. If you find no way out, then hire a professional divorce lawyer and try to settle down things professionally and calmly.

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