How to Switch Epic Games Launcher Accounts

How to Switch Epic Games Launcher Accounts

How to Switch Epic Games Launcher Accounts:

If you want to switch Epic Games launcher accounts, you have to first enable pop-up windows in your browser. In addition, you must be signed in to the console in order to connect the accounts. Once you’re in the account settings, click the Accounts tab. Here, you can connect your Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch account to the new account. Then, you can switch your account between the two.

Switch Your Epic Games Launcher Accounts

To switch Epic Games accounts, you need to sign in to the same email address that you used to register for the previous account. You must also have a valid email address (you do not need to use the same email as the one for your console account). After that, read the terms of service and click on I agree to be bound by the terms. After this, you can continue using the Epic Games launcher account on the other device.

Next, you must find the email that has your security code. This email will be called Your Security Code and will be sent to your new email address. Make sure you check your spam folder first, otherwise, it could be in there. Once you have found the email, you’ll need to confirm it in your new email inbox. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to enter your password and confirm your email address.

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Once you’ve successfully disconnected from the original account, you should disconnect it from any other accounts. This includes your Xbox account, Twitch account, PlayStation Network, or Nintendo Switch account. You will then receive a confirmation message, which means you’re ready to disconnect. Once you’ve completed this process, switch over to your new Nintendo Switch or Xbox account. You’ll be happy you did. After a few hours, you’ll be free to sign back into your Epic Games account.

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