Streetwear Is Changing To A More Contemporary Style

How Streetwear Is Changing To A More Contemporary Style

Contemporary fashion is a word you probably have come across a lot recently. Fashion brands use this word to describe their garments because it is a trend that happened before and is happening now.

Fashion trends come and go but many of them make a return. Modern fashion trends are not the greatest although some are great.

Streetwear is one of those trends that has never changed until recently. It is going for a much simpler style compared to the bright graphics we saw throughout the 90s and 00s. Nonetheless, these trends are thriving still as well as many others; however, contemporary streetwear seems to be the common choice for many people worldwide.

What Is Contemporary Streetwear?

Contemporary streetwear is well on-trend at the moment. Furthermore, many fashion brands are going for styles that are evergreen but still stand out. This means that when someone is wearing this style, they would have the main piece and then the rest would be easy on the eye. Fear of God essentials is one of those brands that are mastering the style of contemporary streetwear.

What Are The Contemporary Streetwear Trends Of 2022

Now that you know what contemporary streetwear is, we are going to take you through the trends of this trend in 2022.


The first modern trend we will discuss with contemporary streetwear is sneakers. Sneakers have been popular for several years but seem to be far more common than they once were. It wasn’t common during the 00s however, in the early 10s, it can have become very common. Furthermore, they have continued to be a trend, hence why they are so popular 10 years on.

Sneakers have been a common piece of streetwear among Americans for several years. Nike releasing Air Jordans is what kickstarted this trend. Now, they have made their way over to the United Kingdom.

Sneakers are the centerpiece of this modern trend and have been for a few years now. One of the reasons why these are so popular is because of buyers and resellers. Many businesses will buy sneakers online and resell them in their store.

Basic Clothes

Basic streetwear clothing is very much which is why it is contemporary. A plain full tracksuit is something that many people wear in the UK. One of the reasons is that it isn’t too out there. Another reason is that you don’t have to wear it as a full tracksuit. The hoodie can be worn alone as well as the joggers.


Comfort is something else that people are prioritizing these days. Fashion trends seem to be the priority for several years although this is changing a lot. People are avoiding fashion trends to steer away from fast fashion brands. The reason is that those fashion brands don’t prioritize quality or comfort, they only focus on getting on board with the trend.

Working environments have started allowing their employees to wear basic and more casual styles. For example, modern offices allow workers to wear casual wear as they will be sitting in these clothes throughout the day. They want their employees to be comfortable as it will help them to concentrate more.

This winter, if you wish to wear a casual style for the office, wear a pair of jeans with a hoodie. To level up this outfit, wear a blazer for a smart casual style. Complete the look with brogue shoes to match up with the blazer.

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Fashion all comes down to your personal preference. However, we are confident that contemporary streetwear is a modern trend that everyone can adore in the modern world. The best part about this style is that it can be expensive and affordable, depending on where you buy your clothes from.

Many fashion brands claim to follow contemporary fashion but they don’t. If you follow this guide and stick to the trends for contemporary streetwear, you will not go wrong.

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