SomeOrdinaryGamers Net Worth

SomeOrdinaryGamers Net Worth

SomeOrdinaryGamers Net Worth:

SomeOrdinaryGamers is a YouTube gaming channel. They have amassed a net worth of $1.8 million as of May 2022. In addition to their video game and computer game content, they are known for their humorous commentary. Their net worth is estimated to grow with their popularity and continued success. To learn more about their net worth, read on. You might be surprised to learn that they have an average of $45,000 per video.

Mutahar Anas

The net worth of Mutahar Anas is estimated at $1 million. She was born on May 1, 1994, in Canada, but it is unclear whether she is married or not. Mutahar is very active on Twitter, with over 530,000 followers. She writes about a variety of subjects, including gaming, history, physics, and mathematics. Mutahar’s personal life is fairly private, however. She has not revealed who her parents are or what her sexual orientation is.

Initially, she became interested in video games and technology. She played her first video games on a PlayStation 1 console. She later moved on to PC and Xbox, and she began to upload videos to YouTube. When she was thirteen years old, she launched her first YouTube channel. She didn’t upload videos for months at a time, but she has since developed a loyal following and has worked with other online sensations.

Piper Rockelles

Despite being a teenager, Piper Rockelles has grown her net worth over the years, thanks to her wildly popular YouTube channel. She has a million subscribers and makes money every day from YouTube subscriptions, advertisements, and payments for views. She also sells merchandise on her website and receives subscription fees from her audience. Her YouTube channel has helped her earn millions, and she’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

She has made a name for herself as a social media influencer, generating millions of views through her channel. Her channel features videos from various games, and she has collaborated with many celebrities, including Logan Paul, Hayley LeBlanc, Mark Dohner, and Sophie Fergi. In addition to her YouTube channel, she has worked on several movies and TV shows. Her latest projects include a role in a short horror series called Dark Eyes.


George Seely and Ashley Dashley have racked up a massive net worth in recent years. They are both Mormon LDS members and have recently completed their newly-finished house. They also installed blinds and have two Australian Shepherd puppies named Dash and Luna. Their vlogs have earned them over a hundred thousand subscribers. Although Dashleys net worth is constantly fluctuating, the couple can be expected to make millions from their YouTube channel.

The Dashleys are a popular YouTube family, with a combined net worth of $5 million. Their videos have become very popular and relatable. The family has two Australian Shepherd puppies and three children. As a result, their vlogs have become very popular and they have amassed over one million subscribers. In addition to their YouTube channel, Ashley Dashleys also have a thriving business, which generates a huge amount of money through sponsorships and endorsements.


SomeOrdinaryGamers net worth is estimated at $1.7 million. This amount is based on the income that the channel generates from its youtube videos. Currently, the channel is earning an estimated $64,000 a day. By 2022, someOrdinaryGamers are projected to earn over $2.3 million. However, her net worth will probably grow even higher. Read on to discover how she earned her money.

SomeOrdinaryGamers net worth Liziqi is a YouTube sensation who makes more than $1 million a day. Her videos are categorized into two categories: Action-adventure games and Video game culture. She also has her own online store where she sells products. Liziqi’s net worth is estimated to reach $64 million by 2022. Lisicki has a very private life and has never confirmed any relationship. She started her career by shooting videos by herself, but now she is part of a team, including an editor and a personal assistant. She lives in Mianyang, Sichuan.

Bryan Le (RiceGum)

RiceGum is a YouTube influencer and rap artist best known for his feuds with fellow YouTubers. His net worth is estimated to reach $8 million by the year 2020. His real name is Bryan Quang Le, but he prefers to go by his screen name RiceGum. He is of Vietnamese descent but was raised in the United States. He studied at Sierra Vista High School and later at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He pursued his career online while still in school and in his early teens. He began posting videos of himself playing the game ‘Call of Duty’ and talking about his life.

RiceGum has a YouTube channel with more than 1.7 billion views. His second channel, RiceGum Extra, has nearly 43 million subscribers. Although he started out as a gamer, he soon moved into the entertainment industry after appearing in a Super Bowl LII commercial. In 2011, he released his debut single, “RiceGum,” which went platinum and charted in several countries. It was the most-viewed YouTube video of all time.

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