Rachel Uchitel Net Worth

Rachel Uchitel Net Worth

Rachel Uchitel Net Worth:
$250 Thousand

Net Worth:$250 Thousand
Date of Birth:1975

Rachel Uchitel Net Worth

Rachel Uchitel is an American nightclub manager, TV reporter, and VIP hostess. She has an estimated wealth of around $250,000. Her name was brought into the spotlight following the loss of her husband in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and later because of an affair with golf legend Tiger Woods.

Early life and fame

Rachel Uchitel was born in Anchorage, Alaska on January 29th, 1975. Her parents divorced shortly after her birth. Her father was a victim of drug addiction, and by the time she was 15 years old, the doctor diagnosed him with an overdose of cocaine. His paternal grandfather Maurice Uchitel, was a wealthy restaurant and nightclub manager from Russia who owned the famous Manhattan club El Morocco. He died in 2000 and left his wife $150,000 as a gift in his will. She was a high school student at the private Millbrook School in Dutchess County, New York, graduating in 1992. She went to New Hampshire University. The University of New Hampshire graduated in 1996 with the degree of a bachelor’s in communication and psychology.

After graduation, Uchitel took a short job at CNBC and then worked for less than three years as a public relations representative for Homework Central, which is an organization that offers education and support for children who are not being served. Her next position was director of promotions as well as other special occasions for career guidance and professional networking at the job search firm Vault Reports. The company ended her employment in 2000 and took employment with Bloomberg as an assistant in the newsroom, and within a year her position was elevated to an editor of their financial news pieces. While working with Bloomberg, Uchitel met investment banker Andy O’Grady, and the couple got engaged in the year 2000.

The horror of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 caused Uchitel to the forefront of public attention. Her husband worked on the 104th floor of the 2 World Trade Center. They just returned from an excursion to Greece the day before when the first tower had been hit, O’Grady called Rachel Uchitel Net Worth:d her to inform her of what he was seeing happen. He believed that it would happen again soon. She was watching the first tower fall and while talking with O’Grady she witnessed an airplane smash into the tower. In the weeks following the attacks, she carried flyers all over Manhattan featuring his photo in hopes that he was alive or his body of his was discovered. Pictures of her crying while holding the flyer quickly became viral and she was considered by certain people to be the main figure in the 9/11 attacks due to the raw grief and sadness she displayed in the photo. But, she was bound to face problems related to her estate and a host of other fiances, fiancees, and fiances. His will gave the entirety of his estate to his younger sister, who was expecting their first baby at the time of her passing. Even though she was financially stable, however, she wanted to be compensated by his family to make up for the loss. Her mother was not willing to accept it because she needed the money, however, she did say that If her son had been financially contributing to Uchitel this situation could be different.

The Post-September 11 Career Alongside her five-year tenure in Bloomberg News, Uchitel served as a special correspondent for nightlife on “Extra.” She was in 2005 when she relocated to Las Vegas where she worked as a VIP hostess in the Tao nightclub and restaurant was owned partly by her then-boyfriend Jason Strauss and is one of the most popular club nights in the US. Following two months in Vegas after which she relocated back to New York City to oversee Tao’s VIP services for different venues and businesses. She was the head of VIP operations at some of the most well-known club venues that are located in New York. At the height of her professional career as a hostess with VIP status, Uchitel was making $250,000 annually in salary, and an additional $250,000 in tips. 2013 was the year she launched a children’s store located in New York City named after her daughter Wyatt Lily. She was featured as a guest on the VH1 show “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew” in 2011. While she is not normally part of the selection process she was a part of the casting. Drew Pinsky visited her personally to invite her to participate in the fourth season of the show and offered her $500,000 for participation in the show, which was more than the amount producers initially had offered. The woman was treated for alcohol-related issues, as well as benzodiazepine and opiate addiction.

Personal Life and controversy

In 2003, Uchitel started a relationship with her childhood close friend Steven Ehrenkranz, and the couple got married in the year following New York. The couple divorced after just four months and she relocated to Las Vegas to work at Tao.

In 2009 The National Enquirer alleged that Uchitel was involved in been involved in an affair that included the married golfer Tiger Woods. When the story was first published and she was able to hire a famous attorney Gloria Allred to represent her even though they planned a press conference at which she was to share details about the affair however, the event was abruptly canceled. Later, it was reported that the reason for the cancellation was the multi-million-dollar payment from Woods. Her professional career as a hostess at nightclubs was over when the news about the incident was revealed.

The following year, star David Boreanaz admitted he had been involved in an affair with her also, and that he was having an affair while his wife was pregnant.

She was married in 2011 and got married to the former Penn State fullback Matt Hahn She had a baby girl the next year. She gave birth in May. The couple split in January of 2014.

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Financial Situation

In the month of July of 2020, it was said that Rachel was required to create a GoFundMe to help her continue her custody dispute with Hahn. At the time, she said she’d already spent more than $100,000 in legal costs and due to COVID-19, she no longer had significant income.

In The New York Post, in July 2020, Rachel was declared bankrupt. In March 2021 the Post stated the fact that Rachel was being accused of being sued by her previous landlord for over $48,000 in non-paid rental, damage to property charges, and interest.

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