NJ Diet Total Cost

NJ Diet Total Cost

NJ Diet Total Cost:

The NJ diet is a holistic approach to weight loss, focusing on your body’s individual needs. It helps you rid your body of bacteria, viruses, metals, and toxins to move towards a state of optimal health. The NJ diet works by balancing biological factors to optimize the process of absorbing nutrients and minerals. Read on to learn how this type of diet can help you achieve your weight loss goals. The price of an NJ diet program depends on how comprehensive it is and what it will do for you.

Price range

The price range of the NJ Diet program depends on whether you want to use the onsite consultation or go for a full-service package that includes customized products. In addition to the initial consultation, the program costs anywhere between $27 and $900 for the first 40 days. Although there are no hard and fast rules, most people report success with this program. The program is designed to target specific health issues and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The NJ diet focuses on the needs of each individual person and is tailored to meet those needs. It involves four distinct steps over 40 days and is designed for each person. The program is made up of various components, including a unique hormone therapy to cleanse the body from toxins. Each individual is tested by a general medical expert who monitors their overall health and their body’s ability to burn fat. This is important because a healthy body can better absorb vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.


The NJ Diet system is comprised of four components: a comprehensive consultation, a series of tests, and customized supplements. The first part, the NJ Diet consultation, involves testing hair, saliva, and blood to determine what your genetic makeup is and what your body needs to detoxify itself. You will also be asked to take a hair sample and undergo bioenergetic balancing scans. The NJ Diet doctor will use the results to tailor a diet plan and supplement your unique needs and goals.

The next step in the process is determining how much you can spend on the NJ Diet program. While the entire process can be costly, you can save money in the long run by calculating the cost of supplements and food separately. While you will not need to spend hundreds of dollars on these items, the diet may require periodic medical evaluations and checkups with a licensed health practitioner. Medical professionals may modify diet plans or switch them as necessary to ensure the best results. Additionally, users may need to purchase supplements that help promote gut health.

Success rate

A review of the NJ Diet program on Medical Daily found that the weight loss plan is safe. The review also pointed out the medical evaluations and monitoring that are involved with the diet plan. The program also boasts of success rates that are much higher than average, and it is based on nutrigenomics. This means that it is not only safe for weight loss, but also for keeping off the weight you lose. However, there are some drawbacks to the NJ Diet, which could detract from its overall success rate.

The NJ Diet uses nutrigenomics, a scientific field that explains how genetics influence your nutritional needs. The program uses your genetic makeup and gene variations to create custom meals, supplements, and physical activity for maximum results. As a part of its program, you’ll have to undergo a consultation with a physician, and the doctor will test you for several biomarkers that indicate your body’s needs.

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In-person consultations

The NJ Diet has two different types of consultations: in-person and virtual. You can meet with a dietitian in-person or schedule an online consultation. In-person consultations cost about $1,500 and online consultations are about $25. The total cost of a 40-day round of NJ Diet includes in-person consultations and virtual consultations, which are available to clients nationwide. There is also a discount for online consultations.

The NJ Diet uses genetic testing to create a diet plan that’s specifically tailored to your body’s needs. The doctors analyze your DNA through hair, saliva, and blood. They can also conduct gene variant tests to determine what genes make you more susceptible to certain conditions or diseases. The doctors then create an individualized plan based on these results. This means that the NJ Diet program will work with your genetic makeup, as well as any underlying health conditions you may have.

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