What is Michael Jordans Net Worth

What is Michael Jordan’s Net Worth?

Michael Jordan is one of the most legendary athletes in history. He has won multiple championships, accolades, and awards, including being named the greatest basketball player of all time by ESPN. So what is Michael Jordan’s net worth?

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Michael Jordan’s Childhood

Michael Jordan was born on March 17, 1963, in Chicago, IL. His father, James Jordan, played basketball at the University of Chicago and was drafted by the Chicago Packers in the first round of the 1957 NBA draft. His mother, Delores, worked as a secretary and was a member of the local YWCA. Michael attended Simeon Elementary School and later Northside Middle School before transferring to Lane Tech High School.

Jordan attended college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he played for coach Dean Smith. He led the Tar Heels to the NCAA Championship in 1982 and was named MVP of the tournament. The next year, Jordan led UNC to another title and was again named MVP. In 1984, Jordan declared himself eligible for the NBA draft and was selected third overall by the Chicago Bulls.

During his 13-year career with the Bulls, Jordan won six championships (1983–1988; 1991–1992). He also won three consecutive titles with the Washington Wizards (1991–1993) and one with the Charlotte Hornets (2002). In 1995, Jordan retired from professional basketball after leading the Bulls to their sixth championship. In 1998, he returned to play one season with the Washington Wizards before retiring for good in

His Net Worth

Michael Jordan has an estimated net worth of $650 million. His immense earnings as a professional basketball player have helped him amass a large fortune. He has used his earnings to purchase major league teams, properties, and expensive cars. Jordan’s wealth is largely derived from his lucrative contracts with Nike and the NBA.

Jordan has also made sizable donations to charitable organizations, most notably Habitat for Humanity. In 2013, he announced a $100 million donation to the organization over five years. This commitment will help construct or refurbish more than 200 homes around the world. Jordan is also known for his active involvement in politics and social causes. He has campaigned for various candidates and donated millions of dollars to various charities.


Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players to ever live. He has won more championships than any other player in NBA history and his net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 billion. Here’s a look at how Michael Jordan’s net worth has grown over the years:

In 1984, when he was just 24 years old, Jordan signed a three-year contract with the Chicago Bulls worth $125,000. In 1991, his contract with the Bulls was extended for another three years and he received a raise to $350,000 per year.

In 1998, Jordan signed a six-year contract with the Washington Wizards worth $60 million. This deal made him one of the highest-paid players in NBA history and increased his net worth by an estimated $100 million.

In 2003, Jordan signed a six-year contract with the Chicago Bulls worth $60 million. This deal made him one of the highest-paid players in NBA history and increased his net worth by an estimated $100 million.

In 2011, Jordan retired from professional basketball after playing for 17 seasons and his final salary was reported to be $24 million. His retirement increased his net worth by an estimated $150 million.

Michael Jordan’s Career

Michael Jordan is a retired professional basketball player and one of the most successful athletes in history. As a player, he was known for his outstanding ball-handling, shooting, and leadership skills. He retired from playing in 1993 after leading the Chicago Bulls to six championships. In 1998, he was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. His net worth as of 2018 is estimated at $600 million.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, on Feb. 18, 1963, Michael Jordan was the first African American to play in the NBA (he played for the Chicago Bulls from 1984-1993). He led the Bulls to six championships and is widely considered one of the greatest players in NBA history. Jordan has won numerous awards and accolades during his career, including five MVPs and four Finals MVPs. He has also been featured in many Hollywood movies and commercials over the years.

In 2018, Forbes named him the highest-paid athlete of all time with an estimated net worth of $600 million.

Michael Jordan’s Charity Work

Michael Jordan is one of the most successful athletes in history, and he has used his wealth and fame to do some amazing things for charity. Here’s a look at just some of the work he’s done:

– He started the Michael J. Jordan Foundation in 2002, which focuses on helping underprivileged children. In 2012 alone, the foundation gave away over $8 million dollars!

– He also helps fund programs at schools across Chicago, including a program that provides breakfast for low-income students.

– He’s been involved in numerous other charity events over the years, including hosting a basketball game to raise money for cancer research.

All in all, it’s clear that Michael Jordan is a very giving person. His work with the Michael J. Jordan Foundation and his other charity events have helped make a huge difference in the lives of many people, and we can only hope that he continues doing this in the future!

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Michael Jordan’s net worth is estimated to be over $650 million. He has won more than 300 career games, five NBA championships, and six MVP awards. His impact on the game of basketball is unrivaled and his name will forever be synonymous with excellence. Thanks for reading!

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