Laser Measuring Tape

The Advantages of Using a Laser Measuring Tape

Measurements are crucial for getting many jobs right, be they housework, manual or construction work. The tools that are used in the course of this job often determine how good the outcome is, with accuracy and precision the main facets required for the equipment used in this task. 

A measuring tape is a primary tool that is used to measure macroscopic distances but in today’s world, a laser measuring tape is becoming the go-to device to ensure consistent precision and accuracy with minimum interference from the user. The laser measuring tape is very consistent and has a very wide application and comes with a number of distinct advantages. 


The majority of laser tape measures have an accuracy of within three millimetres and go all the way to 198 metres in height and 92 metres in distance. They make the ideal choice for measuring larger distances, and some come with a range that is even wider.

Users just have to choose their settings and then point and click, with the result showing up on the display that is right in front of them. Users can even toggle between units, removing any possibility of a misread. 

The process takes far less time than using a traditional measuring tape and no estimating is involved. The numbers a laser measuring tape will provide a user is as close to the concrete distance as technology can provide.

Depending on the laser measuring tape mode, there are a few methods by which the process is performed. All use a laser with the resulting numbers being based on the feedback from that laser, but there can be slightly different ways of performing internal calculations. Phase-shift is one method, which sees the length of the beam hitting an object is compared to its own reflection, while ‘Time of flight’ measures the time taken for the beam to hit the target object and then come back. 

In-field features

One of the best features that come with modern laser measuring tapes is being able to directly send information to a mobile device with the use of Bluetooth. New models even come with a compatible app that is able to plug in everything measured into a list, removing the need for writing, the problem of bad handwriting and the danger of losing sheets, with all info now being stored in your phone. 

This data can also be edited and converted to a PDF, with accurate measurements able to be sent out to contractors, bosses and any other involved parties. 

Owning a laser measuring tape is a sound investment, with the devices being simple to use, easy to carry and recoup their cost in very short order. 

Storing previous work

Laser measuring tape also comes with system memory, with newer models able to store up to as many as ten previous measurements or calculations and have them available to see at a moment’s notice.  

They are ideal for use when the layout of a space has to be determined based on the objects within that space, or when working out how to maximise the utilisation of a particular object. This flexibility means that even if something is forgotten the information can be easily retrieved. 

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