Jonathan Perry Timberlake

Jonathan Perry Timberlake – Justin Timberlake’s Brother

Jonathan Perry Timberlake:

Justin Timberlake, the pop superstar, and actor, has a brother called Jonathan. The two are very close and it’s not easy to tell them apart. Despite their differences in age, they seem to have a lot in common, and when they’re not busy with all the fame and success, they get together for family time.

5 things you didn’t know about Jonathan

  • Jonathan is a Grammy Award-winning musician and songwriter.
  • He was born in Memphis, Tennessee on September 25th, 1971
  • He has two older brothers – Justin Timberlake and Trace Timberlake – and a sister – Jessica Biel
  • He attended the University of Southern California where he studied film and music
  • He played guitar in the band ‘Thin Lizzy’ before forming his own band, The Black Crowes

Jonathan’s childhood

Justin Timberlake’s brother, Jonathan, had a very interesting childhood. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1975. His parents were both musicians and they encouraged their children to explore their musical interests.

Jonathan started playing the piano at a young age and soon began writing songs. He met Justin Timberlake when they were both teenagers and the two began to collaborate on music. They released their first album together in 1998 and it was a huge success.

Jonathan has since released several solo albums and has been involved in various music projects. He is currently working on a new album that will be released in 2019.

Jonathan and Justin’s childhood

Justin Timberlake’s brother, Jonathan, has a story that is as interesting as his famous brother’s. Jonathan and Justin grew up together in Memphis, Tennessee, and their childhood was filled with plenty of adventure.

Jonathan was born two years after Justin, and he always felt like he was the third wheel during their childhood adventures. One of the most memorable moments from their childhood was when they were all caught smoking cigarettes by their parents. Their parents were so surprised to see them smoking that they made them all eat their cigarettes!

Jonathan and Justin also spent a lot of time fishing and swimming together. They would often go out on canoe trips down the Mississippi River. Jonathan likes to tell stories about how Justin would always insist on being the captain while he sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Despite growing up together, Jonathan and Justin have maintained a very close relationship since they’ve been adults. They have collaborated on several projects together, including the song “Suit & Tie” which won them both a Grammy Award in 2013.

What does Jonathan think of Justin?

Justin Timberlake’s brother, Jonathan, is a relatively private person. He has only spoken about Justin publicly a few times and has never given many interviews. However, what little information we do have about him is interesting.

Jonathan was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and was raised by his mother. He has two older sisters and a half-brother. Justin and Jonathan are not blood brothers, but they are very close. They grew up together in Memphis and went to the same schools.

Jonathan briefly attended college before dropping out to focus on his music career. He started out as a backing singer for Justin Timberlake and then went on to have his own successful music career. He has had five charting singles and two albums.

Jonathan is married to actress Jessica Lucas and they have two children. He is currently working on his sixth album.

Jonathan and Britney’s relationship

  • Justin Timberlake’s brother, Jonathan, is a singer and songwriter.
  • Jonathan and Britney’s relationship began when they were teenagers.
  • Their relationship ended in 2006 after Britney filed for a restraining order against him.
  • In 2009, Jonathan released an album with his band The Outsiders.
  • Jonathan and Britney reconciled in 2014 and have since been working on a new album together.

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