Is Legit

Is Legit?

Many people are wondering whether is Back Market legit?

Is Back Market legit? We’re not doing a whole influencer-energy thing but lots of individuals are asking the question. Because we’re Back Market and Back Market is a legitimate business, naturally, we’ll tell you we are sure that Back Market is legitimate! We also know that there’s plenty of information across the web and in articles about Back Market, so we wanted to provide some reliable sources. The reviews of prominent websites will provide an accurate image of what it’s really like to purchase and utilize products from Back Market. We also recommend that everyone look through reviews written by real Back Market customers of course!

How good are our mint condition products?

There are plenty of websites that talk about however, not many actually review one of our top-quality products. We would like to mention the top three trustworthy websites that have done the legwork for you. iMore, The Inventory, and Forbes have taken the time to look over our phones, and then answer the question that everyone would like to know is Back Market legit?

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The Inventory gives us a test run

The Inventory is a different site that we were interested in giving Back Market a test run to see if we can keep our word.

Still, wondering if Back Market is reliable?

Still, having trouble debating whether to purchase a refurbished product on There’s no reason to be concerned since if you’re not happy with any of our phones you’ll have 30 calendar days to return it to receive a full refund. If you’re worried about your device failing over time then you’ll be glad to know that all of our used phones (and nearly everything that you can buy on our site) are covered by an initial 1-year warranty. Some models come with an extended 2-year warranty. Enjoy shopping.

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