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How to Convert Google WebP to PNG Instantly?

WebP (Google Web Picture) is an image file format that supports both lossless and lossy
compression for image data. The upside of this file format is that it has the ability to reduce
file size up to 34% smaller as compared to the other images while retaining high quality. But the
drawback of WebP image is that this format does not support Windows and Android programs.
That’s the obvious reason WebP files change into a regular file format like PNG that supports all
programs including Windows and Android. Well, if you have a WebP image format and you
want to transform it to PNG format, use an online WebP to PNG converter by which provides the best results for turning Google WebP into PNG. In this
post, we discuss the 5 best WebP file to PNG converters online for your reference
The easiest method to convert Google Web Picture to PNG is by using the Onlineconvertfree
application as it offers a free online WebP to PNG converter. The process of conversion with
this handy tool is very easy and simple. You have to select the WebP file that you want to
convert, from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox, or drag it to this online converter. After
that, choose the output format such as PNG, and then simply click the “Convert” button. Once
the process is done, you can download your converted PNG file within a few seconds.
Furthermore, you can use this online program without registration, giving an email, or a watermark.
convert is a popular image converter application that supports a free online WebP to PNG
converter. It lets you transform multiple WebP files into PNG image format at a single time.
The tool allows you to choose the output file size or quality according to your need to produce
better PNG files. It means that you can change to WebP image resolution when you convert it to
the PNG format. Besides that, you can also edit and annotate images that include adding
filters, setting DPI, resizing, cropping, rotating, inserting text and image watermarks, adjusting
color balance, and doing more.
Online convert:
Users can use this online program to save WebP as PNG online for free. It does not matter if
you select the WebP file from a local folder, URL, Dropbox, or Google Drive for uploading into
this online Webp to PNG converter. It also offers numerous optional settings in which you can
adjust quality. This online application supports other image formats such as jpeg, SVG, mp4, gif,
pdf, and png, and allows to export of them into the different image and video formats. You can
also convert batch images by using this platform.

The online converter:
Another easy way to convert WebP to PNG image is to use this online WebP to PNG converter
as it helps you to convert Google Web Picture to PNG. You do not have to install an additional
program to save WebP as PNG with this online tool. You can perform conversions in a couple of
seconds, just upload your WebP file into the toolbox of the converter and get quality converted
PNG images. The online converter is fully fledged as it takes care of the privacy of your files by
removing them from the server.
Zamzar is a free online web application to transform files from one format to another format.
You can use it to convert WebP to PNG. However, it offers to choose a file up to the size under
100MB. But, you should not need to worry since WebP images would be under 100MB.
Anyway, the conversion process is very simple and fast, just choose your file, then you have
select PNG format from the drop-down menu, enter your email address, and finally click the
“Convert” button. The download link for the converted files will be sent to your email address.

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