How Old Is David Jeremiah

How Old Is David Jeremiah

How Old Is David Jeremiah?

You’re probably wondering how old is David Jeremiah. His career has been filled with accomplishments and awards. In addition, he has four children and has been diagnosed with lymphoma twice. If you’re curious about the other things about David Jeremiah, read on. This article includes his age, where he was born, and his family background. If you’re unsure about the answers to these questions, check out these other articles about him.

David Jeremiah was diagnosed with lymphoma twice

Dr. David Jeremiah is a New York Times bestselling author, pastor, and founder of Turning Point Ministries. Twenty years ago, he was diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent surgery to remove a neck nodule. He later underwent a stem cell transplant. He was cured of the disease in 2003. David Jeremiah’s story is an inspiring one. The author has fought cancer twice and won the Nobel Prize for literature.

Jeremiah’s ministry path took a turn when he was diagnosed with lymphoma on September 26, 1994. He and his wife, Donna, clung to the hope that only Christ can give. They endured the most difficult time of their marriage, but they never lost hope. God provided support and perfect peace during his treatment. During this difficult time, they were able to reach out to many people.

As a pastor, Dr. Jeremiah’s ministry grew as well. His 12-year mission in Indiana, which grew to more than 1300 members, eventually featured an evangelical television program called The Bible Hour. His ministry has endured all kinds of challenges, from treatment to remission. Despite his battles with lymphoma, he continued to preach and grow.

He has won a lot of awards

Dr. David Jeremiah has won several awards. He has been published in several publications and regularly speaks at Christian conferences around the country. His books are gripping and to the point. He is known for his ability to teach the Bible with a contemporary approach. He and his wife are grandparents to twelve children. Read more about David Jeremiah’s awards and recognition. Here are some of his most notable accomplishments.

He started his ministry at Shadow Mountain in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and later felt that God was calling him to do more. His broadcast ministry was born in Fort Wayne and was later dubbed ‘Turning Point Ministries.’ It has received numerous awards and has been seen on more than two thousand radio and television stations worldwide. He has also won the prestigious National Christian Media Award. Listed below are some of his most notable achievements.

After earning a master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Jeremiah served as the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church. The church was a Southern Baptist Convention affiliate. In 1982, Dr. Jeremiah founded Turning Point Ministries, which broadcasts a 30-minute religious program on over 2,000 television stations worldwide. His books include ‘The Handwriting on the Wall’ and ‘Jesus’ Final Warning.’

He has four children

David Jeremiah was born in Toledo, Ohio, in 1941. Although his parents were deeply involved in the ministry, he had never considered becoming a pastor like his father. During college, he played basketball and volleyball. The family later launched The Bible Hour, an evangelical television program. The Jeremiahs are now the pastors of a church called Shadow Mountain Community Church. David Jeremiah and Donna have four children, three of whom are also ministers.

In January, Dr. David Jeremiah fell while on a conference cruise in the Caribbean. He was treated for cancer for five years and in the end, he wrote a book called When Your World Falls Apart. This book has become a vital source of inspiration for millions. David Jeremiah focuses on the Bible’s message and makes use of innovative resources to help his listeners apply the principles in his book to their own lives.

David Jeremiah’s net worth is estimated at $25 million. He has three sons and two daughters. One of his sons is a writer for the NFL network, while his daughter is a Brown University employee. The father is a respected author and pastor and is an adviser to President Donald Trump. Despite his popularity, David Jeremiah has been battling cancer two times. In 1999, he underwent surgery to remove a nodule from his neck. He also received a stem cell transplant.

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