How Does OpenTable Work

How Does OpenTable Work?

How Does OpenTable Work?

When you’re hungry and want to look at all the restaurants near you to see which one sounds most appetizing, it can be a pain in the neck to find out who has availability. OpenTable is an online reservation service that’s been around since 1998 and offers the ability to search for available tables by restaurant, time, date, and day of the week.

The Basics

If you’re new to OpenTable, you might be wondering how it all works. Here’s a quick rundown of the basics:

OpenTable is a website and app that helps you make restaurant reservations. You can search for restaurants by location, cuisine, or price, and then read reviews and see menus to help you make your decision.

Once you’ve found a restaurant you’d like to visit, you can use OpenTable to book a reservation. You’ll need to create an account first, which only takes a few minutes. Then, you’ll enter your party size and the date and time you’d like to dine.

If the restaurant has available reservations, you’ll be able to confirm your booking right away. If not, you can add yourself to the waitlist and will be notified if a table becomes available.

That’s all there is to it! With OpenTable, making restaurant reservations is quick and easy.

How Do You Make a Reservation?

If you’ve ever tried to make a reservation at a popular restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night, you know how difficult it can be. You either have to call days in advance and hope that they have an opening, or you show up and hope for the best. But what if there was a way to reserve a table without all the hassle? That’s where OpenTable comes in.

OpenTable is a website and app that allows users to make online reservations at restaurants. It’s simple to use – just search for a restaurant by location, date, and time, and then select how many people will be at your party. Once you find an available table, you can click to reserve it. That’s it!

If you’re not familiar with OpenTable, here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

When you make a reservation through OpenTable, you’re actually booking directly with the restaurant. The reservation is then confirmed by OpenTable, and you’ll receive an email confirmation as well as a text message reminder (if you are opt-in to receiving them).

One of the great things about OpenTable is that it’s free to use – there are no membership fees or sign-up costs

Paying Up Front or At the Table?

There are two different ways to pay for your reservation when you use OpenTable: you can either pay upfront when you book the reservation, or you can pay at the restaurant when you arrive. If you choose to pay upfront, you’ll need to provide a credit card number and you’ll be charged the full amount of the reservation. If you choose to pay at the restaurant, you’ll just need to provide your name and email address when you book the reservation, and then you can pay with cash or a credit card when you arrive at the restaurant.

What’s Included in an OpenTable Guarantee?

When you make a reservation using OpenTable, you’re automatically enrolled in the OpenTable Guarantee. This guarantees that you’ll get a great experience at the restaurant, or your money back. The Guarantee includes:

  • A refund of your reservation fee if you don’t get a table
  • A $50 credit if your table is not ready within 15 minutes of your reservation time
  • A $25 credit if you’re not seated within 5 minutes of your reservation time
  • A $10 credit if your food order is not taken within 10 minutes of being seated

If you have any issues with your reservation, simply contact OpenTable customer service and they will make it right. The OpenTable Guarantee is just one more way that we’re committed to giving you the best possible dining experience.

Taxes and Gratuity (Pros and Cons)

It’s no secret that when you dine out, taxes and gratuity are usually added to your bill. But do you ever wonder how these charges are calculated? And more importantly, are they really necessary? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of taxes and gratuity so you can be better informed the next time you’re dining out.


  1. Taxes and gratuity help ensure that servers earn a livable wage.
  2. They help cover the costs of running a restaurant, including things like rent, utilities, and food costs.
  3. They allow diners to leave a tip for good service without feeling guilty about it.


  1. Taxes and gratuity can add a significant amount to your bill, especially if you’re dining in a group.
  2. They can create an uneven playing field for restaurants, with some establishments charging them and others not.
  3. Some diners feel that they shouldn’t have to pay extra for something that should be included in the price of the meal.

Canceling Without Penalty

If you need to cancel your reservation, you can do so without penalty up to 24 hours before your reservation is scheduled. Simply log in to your account, go to the My Reservations page, and click the Cancel button next to your reservation.

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Restaurants That Accept OpenTable

If you’re wondering how OpenTable works, here’s a quick rundown. For restaurants, OpenTable is a way to manage reservations and table availability. Customers can make reservations online or through the OpenTable app. Once a reservation is made, the restaurant receives an email confirmation.

OpenTable is available for restaurants in most major cities across the United States. If you’re looking for a list of restaurants that accept OpenTable reservations, check out this blog post.

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