Healthcare Companies Are Investing Millions in Technological Solutions

Why These Top 4 Healthcare Companies Are Investing Millions in Technological Solutions?

From the very beginning, healthcare enterprises are investing a huge amount in technological solutions to make healthcare reliable for their patients and seekers.

So far, last year was a race of raising funds among healthcare enterprises. Including start-ups “29.1 billion were raised across 729 deals, according to the Rock Health report in 2021.”

Major companies raised funds to expand their tech teams and incorporate technological solutions like telemedicine, patient management software, Healthcare app development, and software app development into their home businesses.

However, they also used their funds for R&D(research and development) and for pharmaceuticals and to make their services better.

Top 4 healthcare companies who raised a huge amount in 2021- The reason behind raising funds

Combining these 4 companies, they have raised almost $1.5 billion dollars in their last series.

1. Insitro:

Drug discovery and development are getting harder over the period. So far, machine learning and AI-driven technologies are helping hand in drug discovery.

Daphne Koller founder and CEO of Insitro also believe that machine learning and AI-driven technologies have enabled solutions to problems.

Today, Insitro is the major AI-driven drug discovery company in the USA & Canada. They leverage the tools of modern biology like AI and machine learning to discover drugs in a faster and more efficient way.

Taking that vision ahead, the company secured $400 million in its last series C. And $743 million to date according to a FierceBiotech report.

The heavyweight amount of this investment would be used for R&D and to expand its development pipeline.

2. Hinge health:

Recently, Hinge Health announced a $600 million investment led by coaches and tiger global. And raised $300 million in its last series D and reached the 6.2 billion valuations that have more than doubled then its customer base to over 575 enterprise customers.

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The USP of Hinge health is in digital health solutions. “We believe Hinge Health is a leader in the new digital health frontier”, said Lucas Swisher, newly investor of HInge health.

This platform uses wearable sensors and one on one teaching to provide in-home musculoskeletal therapy.

3. Komodo Health:

Komodo health has a large customer base with over 330M+ patients in the US by fulfilling it with 3.5M+ care providers.

What do they believe?

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Komodo provides a huge “Healthcare Map”, a suitable powerful software application that enables you to deliver exceptional value to customers and patients, said the company.

The company raised an overall $314 million to date, according to a Crunchbase report, and from that company raise a fresh $220 million in round E and completed the valuation of $3.3 billion, according to the company.

4. Dispatched Health:

It’s one of the most innovative care providers among the other players in healthcare. Dispatched Health provides healthcare solutions with their expert care team directly to patients’ doors with 92% customer satisfaction, the company said.

While serving across 19 markets in 12 states and providing care to 170,000 patients at home in 2020.

Moreover, to expand its vision of being the world’s largest in-home care system Dispatched Health raised $200 million in the series D. The valuation touches the amount of $1.7 billion, according to the company.

Dispatched Health uses the major portion of the amount raised to expand its home care services to a total of 100 markets widely available in the U.S.

To sum it up:

Although every player in the healthcare sector is focused to make their healthcare services better by adopting innovative solutions using technology.

Because technology has the potential to overcome barriers and evaluate the true value of its services.

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