How Does GeForce Now Work

How Does GeForce Now Work?

With streaming games such as Microsoft’s iCloud as well as Google Stadia causing an array of hype, it is only natural for the graphics giant Nvidia to make use of their incredible hardware into an open gaming resource.

If you’ve heard concerning GeForce Now, that’s because the service has come past the beta stage and comes with a variety of cool features that you can’t get on the market. What are the benefits of GeForce Now and what exactly is it? You’ll be able to figure out exactly what’s happening when you finish this post!

What is Game Streaming?

The most straightforward way to comprehend gaming streaming is to look at it in relation to media streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. The videos do not reside in magnetic or optical storage. Instead, once you hit the play icon, an internet server around the globe begins to send the video data to your device and displays it to you when it arrives.

Game streaming functions similarly to game streaming however it has its own unique difficulties to face. The game is played on a computer located across the globe, which is then able to send you images and sounds while receiving input from your game controller keyboard and mouse.

Video streaming is a great way to provide smooth playback on any internet connection making use of the “buffer” which stores up just a few seconds or even minutes of footage locally, in the event your connection goes through a period of fluctuation Video games are real-time applications in which any kind of delay can make the experience unpalatable.

Therefore, the servers for games as well as the internet connections must be top of the line in order to be able to afford it. As broadband fiber internet becomes widely available and affordable, streaming video games will soon be more feasible.

It is also possible to stream games over your network. As an example, we’re streaming gameplay via the Playstation 4 to an iPad.

The idea is the same as commercial streaming, the only difference is you’re the machine that isn’t far from the location you’re at.

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What Makes GeForce Now So Special?

At first look, it might not be much different between GeForce Now in comparison to Google Stadia or Microsoft xCloud. When you look closer it is clear that they are more different.

When you buy Google Stadia, the product is marketed as an independent platform of its own. This means that you can purchase games for Stadia like you would on PC and console. It’s also advertised as a premium 4K with 60 frames per second gaming experience.

Microsoft’s xCloud On the other hand provides the cloud-based Xbox One S experience. It’s great as it allows you to access the current Xbox One library. As of the writing time, xCloud is still a beta version with a small selection of games, but in the future, it will provide Xbox games wherever you go anywhere, and on almost every device. Assume that once xCloud comes out of beta, you’ll be able to connect to your library.

GeForce Now takes the idea of gaming via the cloud in an even more literal manner. You can access an online computer of your own, which allows you to install games exactly like you would on an actual PC. This means that you’ll log in to the account of your GeForce Now account, install the client similar to Steam and then download games onto the system.

This is exciting due to a variety of reasons. The first is that it means you don’t need to buy games you already have on platforms that are supported. You are able to play your own games provided they’re listed as supported games. Another reason why it’s awesome is that these platforms allow cloud-syncing. For instance, you could play games using your GeForce Now virtual computer and continue to play locally on your gaming PC in a seamless manner.

GeForce Now Internet Connection Requirements

The process of making services such as GeForce Now work properly doesn’t simply require some impressive technological advancements in the data center. Your internet connection needs to be capable for the job.

That’s a requirement of at minimum 15Mbps to get 720/60fps performance, as well as 25Mbps to get 1080p/60fps speed. It’s not the only thing it’s about. Nvidia recommends using an efficient router that operates using the 5Ghz band to cut down on latency as far as you can.

Alternately, you’ll need to attach your mobile device to the router via a wired Ethernet connection. Mobile connections could be inefficient depending on where you are. If you’ve got the option of a data cap this service could consume all your data very quickly.

What Platforms Can I Play On?

Nvidia provides a broad range of devices. Windows, as well as Mac computers, are supported, as can Android devices. If you have the Nvidia Shield device you’re able to enjoy the game as well. Sometime in the future, Chrome OS support will be added as well.

Android devices require at least Android 5.0 and at least 2GB RAM. Windows machines require 2Ghz dual-core processors with 4GB of RAM. This is comparable to or superior to the Intel HD Graphics 2000 GPU. Check the official website to ensure you have a Mac that is supported.

What Does it Cost?

As of the writing of this article, Nvidia has not released the final price for its long-term service, however, at the time of launch, there are two levels offered. The free tier, of course, is free. However, it has some significant limitations. One of the most important is the session time limit of one hour.

After you’ve played for an hour after which you’ll be kicked off of the game. You are able to log back in, however, you might end up in the middle of the queue, amidst other players who are free and players with first priority.

In terms of gaming performance, however, Nvidia promises the same 1080p resolution as well as 60 frames per second of smoothness to both paid and free gamers.

In terms of the paid level of users, The plan is set up to $4.99 per month for the “Founders” tier of GeForce Now. This is a special offer for the introductory price and will lock your account for 12 months of service. It means you’re committed to paying $60 for the entire period.

Nvidia has eased the blow by introducing the opportunity to try a free trial for three months of this paid program. If it’s not working for you, you’ve got time to exit. That means you can get an effective 15-month period in GeForce Now Founders for $60.

The paid version comes with two key benefits. One is that like the previous point you will be ahead of the free users on the waiting list. While you might be waiting to play but you won’t have to have to wait for as long as other players do. Another reason is that you can extend your sessions that last by up to 6 hours! Most gamers probably won’t play six hours of uninterrupted gameplay which is to be more than reasonable.

The final benefit that is available to Founders clients is the availability of an RTX-enabled graphics device. This is Nvidia’s own Real-Time “ray tracing” solution supported by a limited number of PC games. These cards are very expensive, which makes this an affordable method to experience what could be an amazing rendering technique.

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Before You Buy GeForce Now, Here are the Caveats

GeForce Now is an incredible service that offers fresh concepts to the cloud-based game streaming market. However, before you are too overly excited, there are points to be aware of.

First, playing with cloud-based services like GeForce Now puts you into concurrence with other gamers who want to play. This means that you’ll be placed in a line during peak hours. The users who pay are given priority also however, they’re still competing against one another.

Another important problem is the specific internet connection. Even if your connection is in compliance with or exceeds the minimum requirements things can happen. If your connection is unstable or something happens to the backbone of your service provider you could be isolated by your GeForce Now program. Owning your own personal computer ensures that you will always have the complete right to access it.

Consider the reliability of your connection in the recent past. Of course, as there’s a free way to try the service out, you can try it out for yourself!

GeForce Now Could Be The One

Assuming the fact that GeForce Now’s technology and performance are as promised, GeForce Now represents the most attractive gaming streaming service we’ve experienced.

The possibility of bringing your current game library into the service means that instead of purchasing a new gaming PC it is possible to pay $5 per month and the cost of internet to enjoy the best that PC gaming can provide.

If it comes to the conclusion it is discovered that GeForce Now works with game subscription services like Xbox Game Pass for PC, it could possibly be a match created in heaven.

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