Evolution Of Ethnic Wear Then Vs Now

Evolution Of Ethnic Wear Then Vs Now

Traditional Indian ethnic wear online is slowly vanishing and giving way to Western fashion.
While it’s true that every culture will adopt western fashion eventually, what we have noticed
is that every ethnic fashion had its charm and now it’s only the charm that is left. If you don’t
like the fashion that is being followed or worn these days in India by the common man, you
can still get traditional Ethnic wear that’s exactly as in the period of our forefathers. You don’t
need to go out and buy a piece of cloth with motifs. You can find readymade motifs in many
Kanchipuram shops that cost around Rs. 1000. Even the cloth will be readymade and not
The evolution of Ethnic Wear online in India is a matter of the fact that the clothes worn by
Indian Women in the early days were very different from what we wear today. The clothes
worn by our ancestors were made of cotton, silks, and fabrics, and most importantly used to
cover their bodies from the sun and heat. It was not as glamorous as the way Indian Ethnic
wear has developed today. Our mothers, wives, sisters, and friends always love new
fashions and the style, so we as countrymen try to keep up with the latest trends in the
The clothing industry has certainly kept it up to the mark and the new style with a new
twist. The evolution of Indian Ethnic Wear in India is a topic worth talking about.
The story of Indian Ethnic wear is a history of evolution that happened over a long period.
The first Indian ethnic wear was a simple woolen piece with plain colors and with minimal
designs. It was worn only for outdoor purposes and mostly for women. However, as time
went on, there were a lot more changes and many people adopted the Indian dress, for
example, some common beliefs followed the trend of wearing and many more started
adopting it.
For example, the common belief that Indians wash their clothes twice a week led to the fact
that cotton became the choice fabric of Indian dress.
Today the trend is not the same as it was years ago. There is a lot more going on than the
simple wearing of ethnic wear online and over time, there has been a drastic change in the
overall style of the wearing. Today’s fashion is the result of lots of effort and with time, ethnic
wear has also undergone some changes.
The traditional Indian wear which is still in trend even after 50 years is Saree. Saree and silk
have been the most loved garment since time immemorial. This saree is a symbol of
feminine strength. In addition to sarees, traditional Indian women prefer to wear various
garments like Salwar Kameez, Bandhinis, Ghaggaran, Lehenga, etc. which are the other
parts of traditional attire.
The evolution of Indian Ethnic wear has gone through many changes in the last 50 years. As
you watch the growth of this industry and the changing trends in terms of Ethnic wear, it is
clear that traditional attire is being looked upon with disdain. The change in the fashion of

our country is clearly reflected in the fashion trends of today. The change in fashion is not
just limited to dressing in a more western style, but the change in the Indian way of dressing
has also occurred.

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