How to Breed Congle

How to Breed Congle

How to Breed Congle:

If you’ve ever played Monster Hunter: World, you’ve likely wondered how to breed Congle. This triple element monster sings, plays an instrument, recycles, and spawns the grumpyre. Luckily, there are a number of ways to breed Congle. Listed below are some of the best methods:

Congle is a triple element monster

Congle is a three-element monster that you can breed in World of Warcraft. The monster can be found on Ethereal Island. To breed this creature, you must buy a breeding structure for 200 gold coins and 10 shards. It can also be bred with other three-element monsters such as Bowgart or Spunge. A good match for the Congle would be a Deedge or Bowgart.

You can breed two Congles together to obtain a Rare Congle. This will give you one rare monster that has triple element values. Unlike many other monsters in the game, Congle can play instruments like flutes and harps. It is the only triple element monster with a musical instrument, although this ability is limited to a few types. If you want to play music, you can breed a rare Congle with a harp, guitar, or violin.

It sings and plays an instrument

The Congle is a triple element Monster, which can be obtained from Cold Island. Breeding two monsters that share a combined element will give you a Congle. It produces low coin output but contributes to the island songs through its membranophone instrument. The Congle uses eggshells as drums, striking the surface with three fingers. This sounds similar to that of a conga drum.

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It spawns the grumpyre monster

Breeding the grumpyre is possible with a congle. It spawns after 10 hours of incubation. The egg is sold in the Nursery. You can also place the egg on either Cold or Ethereal Island, depending on your preference. Breeding a congle can be tricky. The guide below lists some of the combinations that can produce the grumpyre.

It is possible to breed more than one Congle, but only two can breed. You can breed two-element monsters with one congle to get three or more. Both parents must be at least Level 15. The offspring may inherit the parent’s variety. Breeding two Congles can give you four different varieties. Breeding two congles can make one rare Grumpyre.

It’s a rascal

There are several different combinations for the Congle monster, but it can be quite tricky to find the right one. The breed guide will explain which combination will produce a congle monster, including Tweedle, Maw, Toe Jammer, Pango, and Quibble. Breeding a congle with a riff monster is also possible, so check out the breed guide for more information.

It’s a recycler

A Triple-Element Monster with a low coin production, the Congle can be unlocked on the Cold Island by breeding two Monsters with combined elements. Despite its low coin production, Congle contributes to the island’s music with its conga drum sound. The membranophone instrument is made out of eggshells, which the Congle hits with three-fingered hands.

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