10 Hidden Gems In Jura Mountains

10 Hidden Gems In Jura Mountains 

The Jura Mountains and Three Lakes area stands as an aesthetic outlier to the norm of mass tourism in alpine mountain resorts. Situated between the Rhine and the Rhone Rivers in the western region of the nation, this sub-alpine range serves as a natural boundary between France and Switzerland as well as adding visual variety to the area. Know about the top ten hidden gems in Jura Mountains that you should not miss. 

1. Neuchâtel Castle

It takes around one hour to get from Geneva to Neuchatel. It’s a perfect home base for exploring the Jura Mountains and all its stunning riches. This historic settlement, however, is also included among them.

The slope leading up from the beaches of Lake Neuchatel is where Neuchatel Castle is located. Exploring the maze of lanes lined with medieval-style cafes and buildings made of yellow sandstone is like discovering a hidden gem. In addition to its remarkable historical value, the chateau’s location on the river makes for a breathtaking excursion.

2. The Areuse Gorge

Time to pack up and go on a trek in the Twilight Saga universe. Are on the train to Noiraigue and once you get there, follow the gorges sign. It’s your ticket to the secluded stretches of the Areuse River and its lush meadows.

From Noiraigue-Boudry, embark on an 11-kilometre (km) trek that is both simple and worthwhile. Integration into a trip through the northern cantons of Switzerland is simple.

Areuse gorge is the spot to go in the middle of summer if you’re seeking something to do. Narrow gravel roads, rock towers covered in vegetation, riverside picnic areas, and the landmark stone bridge will take your breath away, and the river and the shade beneath the bridge will keep you comfortable on hot days. However, remember that health insurance is mandatory in Switzerland and you can buy it online from Tiptop – Health Insurance Comparison.  However, To get the right price and know which health insurance will be suitable in the canton of Jura for your needs, you can use a health insurance comparison tool.

3. Creux du Van

Neuchatel canton is nature’s spoiled brat. If the Gothic buildings and rushing waterfalls at Creux du Van haven’t convinced you, the morning light there will.

It may be a stretch to say that this Jura treasure is still a well-kept Swiss secret, but I am often taken aback by how little locals seem to know about its beauty.

Creux du Van is an enormous natural amphitheatre. From Noiraigue, you may walk to the Restaurant Le Soliat’s Parking lot, or you can drive there. The rocky cirque has a foreboding appearance, like the end of the world. The unusual wildlife of the valley further adds to its charm.

4. Lake Bie

It’s a shame that Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, is so often overlooked. Your next visit, set against the Jura, should be to Bern, the biggest multilingual city in the canton of Bern. Remember to stop by the Omega Museum while you’re at this watchmaking mecca. If you would like to extend the trip here, you can also get a Credit Loan in Switzerland online. 

Neuchatel, Murten, and Biel are connected by canals, and you may take a ferry from one to the other or between the three lakes. One of the best things to see about Lake Biel is its pristine clarity. This undiscovered jewel in the Jura Mountains caters to cyclists and anglers.

5. Saut du Doubs

Let’s keep delving into the Jura until we find the wonderful River Doubs at the French-Swiss border.

The spectacular 27-metre-tall Saut du Doubs waterfall and the pedestrian bridge that allows for easy access over the border are the main draws. Hiking paths in Les Brenets, which can be reached by car, typically take around an hour to complete. The walks are notable for their breathtaking scenery, with pine needles towering above and leaves crunching below. If you prefer, you may take a boat excursion and see the canyons up close and personal. 

6. Chasseral Regional Park

At its highest point, Chasseral is 1,600 metres above sea level. Don’t take this peak for a simple gem; instead, think of it as the key to a massive treasure trove spanning over 387 square kilometres in this protected area.

No one has counted the number of secret spots in Parc regional Chasseral. A paved road leads to the 120-meter-tall antenna, where delicious food is waiting for hungry travellers. From the peak of 3,600 metres, one may see a spectacular view of triplet lakes, green slopes, and the dazzling shadow of the Alps.

Along the beaches of Lake Biel, in addition to the natural beauty of this park, you may sample some of the local cheese, chocolate, and wine.

7. Prehistoric Site and Relic Cave

Visitors who have explored the Jura have nothing but praise for this Swiss treasure; even the dinosaurs would agree if they were still around. The Jurassic Period is named for the location where the first remains of these ancient dragons were discovered.

These changes are shown in the park’s statuary in a way that is both authentic and untainted by modern interpretation. For youngsters, a vacation that includes the search for extinct species may be both educational and enjoyable. The spectacular features, however, are hidden beneath the Reclere Caves.

8. Clôture de Saint-Ursanne

Saint-Ursanne, also in Porrentruy, may be found on the banks of the Doubs and is another mediaeval town. An Irish hermit supposedly found his way here in pursuit of solitude. Hundreds of people have made this gorgeous town in Switzerland their home, but the place nevertheless exudes a feeling of timeless tranquillity.

The church, with its centuries-old cloisters and rich gardens, is a must-see on top of the mediaeval bridge and hilltop hermitage.

9. Grottoes of Vallorbe

One of our favourite hikes in the Jura Mountains, not far from Yverdo-les-Bains, is about to begin. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Jura, the Vallorbe Caves draw visitors from all around Switzerland and France for the day.

This extensive cave network is Mother Nature at her most ostentatious. There’s a gurgling underground river, some weak artificial lighting, and a stunning sequence of stalagmites and stalactites.

10. Lac de Joux 

Nearby lies the Valais de Joux, a large nature preserve with a variety of restaurants, biking paths, and camping areas. What this means is that the valley is an adventurer’s holy grail.


In conclusion, Jura Mountains is amongst the best places to visit in Switzerland. However, make sure to include the above list of destinations in your tour to make it successful. Also, keep in mind to use a tool such as PrimApp – Health Insurance Comparison in Switzerland to buy the right health insurance for yourself and your family. 

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